Journalism and Photojournalism


Fourways High School encourages its pupils to take part in journalism. This activity not only empowers learners to create engaging content but also allows them to develop a fundamental skill set for a bright future in the industry. Learners interested in this activity should have an interest in creative writing, photography and commitment to attending school events.

Journalism at Fourways High School comprises of two parts: journalistic writing and photojournalism.

Journalistic Writing

Learners interested in journalistic writing are responsible for writing articles for Legends Magazine, a magazine that focuses on events at the school and provides informative and thought provoking content. It is published once a term and is an effort by the learners for the learners.


Photojournalism is an extra mural activity that falls under both service and culture. It was created by a Fourways High alumni, Sharene Mylchreest, in 2011.

We are the eyes of the school and capture multiple events and co-curricular activities that take place at the school. Our images are showcased over multiple platforms at the school like the school magazine, matric yearbook, websites and social media.

Colours Awarded

Junior colours

  • Kassandra Kokolis
  • Jeremy van Wyk
  • Paige Holton

Full colours

  • Skye Mackinnon

Team award

  • Luke Mumford (Lexi)

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